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Reinvent Yourself! 

Transform your business, your health, your psychology and your level of consciousness in immeasurable and enlightened ways.

Expect your relationship with your current reality to be upgraded to new heights few people reach during their lifetime.


" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"       

~ Lau Tzu

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Millionaire Mindset Academy

 8 Week Course

The Millionaire Mindset Academy course is an intensive 8 week program that transforms who you are and your perception of the most important areas of your life ; relationships, health, money, business and spirituality in immeasurable and enlightened ways.

This course is designed for only those who are committed to living life at the highest level. The tools you will gain, combined with a new level of understanding and awareness will allow you to upgrade your current reality to new heights few people reach in their lifetime.


Week One

Preparation Week

Discover the five main principles you need to live by in order to create the life that you want and have success in all areas of your life.


Week Two

Clear Vision, Clear Results!

The majority of how goals are taught in traditional personal development guarantees failure.

Learn the most powerful set of principles on goal setting ever assembled.

This will change everything you thought you knew about achieving what you want.

During this week we will focus on getting your vision extremely clear on each area of your life.

Learn to re-train your brain for success and attract the people, resources and opportunities you need to reach your goals.


Week Three

What's holding you back?

Week three is based on breaking down the past layers that have been controlling your entire life.

You will unlock and release all the chains that have been holding you back.

You will learn specific techniques for instantly disarming negative emotions and re-patterning previous negative emotional triggers so they may never sabotage you again.


Week Four

You are your habits - setting you up for Success!

Rituals shape the way our brains are feeling, thinking and acting.

Learn to intentionally create daily rituals that set you up to Succeed and not fail.

Romantic Sunset

Week Five

Relationship Mastery

Most areas of dysfunction can be traced back to the four primary relationships in life.

1. Relationship with yourself.

2. Relationship with time.

3. Relationship to a higher power and

4. Intimate relationship with others.

Learn how to have healthy functional relationships in all 4 areas with incredible insights never taught in formal education.


Week Six

Four levels of awareness and living your life in flow.

Life is not just a random series of events that happen because you did it right or you did it wrong.

Instead, it is an intelligent unfolding that is revealing itself to you all day long, bringing you step-by-step from unconsciousness into a state of higher consciousness.


Week Seven

Let's Talk Money!

Understand how the world really works and mastering the mindset of money.

Learn about the main principles behind how reality (as we know it) is created at a scientific level.

Then use this principal to address the area of money and wealth to start creating more abundance in your life.


Week Eight

Ready? Action!

The last 6 letters of ATTRACTION is ACTION.

ACTION is the only reason people get results.

Learn the principles and actions required to get the exact result you want.

You will learn the emotional meaning behind all your actions. You will learn how to form a stronger link back to the future outcome in order to make your goals a reality.

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Refund policy

A refund will only be made in the event that the full 8 week course has been completed and all course requirements has been submitted within the 8 week timeframe and are not satisfied. Refund request must be made upon the 8 week mark of commencement in writing to

Refunds will not be given if a delegate fails to complete the 8 week course.

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